A Utah native and Salt Lake-based artist with a distinct blend for adventures and art.

I have a long history as a whitewater guide, an experienced rock climber, skier and outdoor educator.

The art I create is often a reflection of the hobbies and adventures I pursue.  My lifestyle inspires my art and vice versa. I find not only pleasure, but purpose in a lifestyle founded on the outdoors and a respect for its depiction through my craft.

I’m in the middle of a rowdy, energetic family. Being raised in this environment spurred not only built-in kayaking, climbing, and havoc-causing partners, but also a desire to stand out from the crowd. I found my niche in distinctly original, detail-oriented art pieces. From oil painting to rattle cans - illustrations to basic photography, my artistic abilities cover a broad range of medians. I am open to new artistic challenges, whatever the form.